Saturday, July 6, 2013

Satisfying the Need for Speed!

Are you tired of the unrealisticism that is constantly increasing in Fast & Furious movies? Was Driven too much of an indie movie, or since you are not a Formula 1 person - Rush does not interest you? In 2014, your Need for Speed will be satisfied!

Yes, one of the most succesfull video game franchises is finally, after 20 years and 22 video games going to have an official movie. 

Movie set in San Francisco
Among several amazing and extraordinary cars, the movie is going to star Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman a.k.a Aaron Paul. He is a good actor, though there is another problem. The story arch in car racing video games is not always the thing that engages players to buy that video game, so we have to keep little scepticism for what to anticipate from it. The filming have already started, and car races can be spotted around San Francisco or Detroit. You can view a clip from a random citizen filming on his phone a car chase during an ordinary day - click here.

Everybodies least favourite video game company (haha) - Electronic Arts teamed up with DreamWorks on this movie gig, so we might actually anticipade high quality material. They also decided not to tease us wuth typical teaser or movie trailer, but a behind-the-scenes clip, showing the very first of Need for Speed!

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