Saturday, July 13, 2013

A different kind of a movie

Not everytime the video games and movie parallels are so straight forward - movies about a video game, or a video game based on a movie, sometimes there are high quality movies created by joining video game cutscenes lineary together. But before I go to detail how awesome video game's Injustice: Gods Among Us cutscene movie is, there was a convergence with the movie business before the game was publicly released.

The stars from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and two life-long gamers/nerds joined to promo this video game through not only one TV spot (the one above), but for weekly YouTube episodes. In these episodes Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes present a tournament, where characters from Injustice: Gods Among Us fight each other, which is logical since the game is a fighting genre. Well, but whom are these characters?

Yes, they are superheroes and their villians. Players are able to choose characters found in DC Comics. And with Netherealm Studios and Warner Bros. created one of the best fighting games of 2013. However, the most amazing part of this game is the story. Yes, you heard correctly - a fighting game with a complex story by Tom Taylor. It is unique for a fighting video game to have an engaging story, but the cutscenes created fro this video game are so magnificently written that they were cut into a full-lenght movie. So before you click the video below, grab some popcorn and make yourself comfortable, because when you start watching the story will get you! Enjoy!

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