Saturday, June 29, 2013

Superman is a NERD!

Even Superman can have an awkward moment, but this one almost cost him his own career - of actually being Superman.

2013's summer hit - Man of Steel - which reboots the Superman saga, almost lost its main star - Henry Cavill, whom by the way gives an amazing performance and is just believable playing the ‘father’ of superheroes. But, when Zack Snyder was calling him to confirm him for the role, Henry was kind of busy…

Well, the point is that this game is played online but live, and there is no save button or pause, and in addition you are not playing alone but with few others. It is considered very rude to leave a game in progress, so Henry just missed the call. When he tried to call back, there was no one answering. Thankfully, he was reached by Zack Snyder again to confirm becoming the ‘man of steel’.

For full video of the interview from NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno click here.

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