Saturday, June 22, 2013

Evolution of Street Fighter - The story of Ryu vs. Ken

It all began in August 1987, when lives of many have changed from day to day. It was like a strike when people came to arcades that day, on a hot August day. This was presented to them:
Street Fighter arcade machine (1987)

After this nothing was same when it came to fighting games, a battle of white versus red, Ryu versus Ken began.
Ryu vs Ken in Street Fighter (1987)
Ryu vs Ken in Street Fighter 2 (1991)

Original story of the Street Fighter considers Ryu being the main hero that fights against other characters. Ken is his arch enemy, and best friend in one. 

Then in 1994, the movie Street Fighter is released and fans are disgusted. The story was poor and considered a character of Guile a main plot character. This was one of two movies starring Jean-Claude Van Damme that actually made it to theatres, still his performance was, well, lets just say 'as usual' or 'typical' Van Damme. Not even Kylie Minogue helped the movie. The story of Ryu and Ken was developed poorly, as were the actual performances of the actors. However the movie still tryed to include Ryu and Ken's rivarly in a subplot, but still, whom whould believe these actors as Ryu and Ken.

Damian Chapa (Ken) and Byron Mann (Ryu)


After this movie faux paus the Street Fighter series of video games kept releasing and remaining on the top of the ladder in fighting video games category. But in 2009 the movie industry decided to give it another try and released Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li starring Smallvile's Kristin Kreuk with American Pie's Chris Klein and even Michael Clarke Duncan, yet still another faux paus. The characters of Ryu and Ken were cut out of the movie same way as Mary Jane's character from the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman sequal. 


Another live action feature film based on a video game that has been reviewed badly, not only for poor performances but because of the story that, well, was too cheesy.

One would say that live-action movies based on Street Fighter would stop being made since it failed already twice out of two tries, but there have been fans that never back down and want to deliver quality live-action movie from the world of Street Fighter with quality actors and story. This why the project called Street Fighter: Assasin's Fist was started on Kickstarter. The project sounded so good that big shots from Hollywood decided to back it up, so the project was actually pulled down from Kickstarter and will turn into multi-million quality live-action TV series. Yes, you heard correct, not a movie but a TV show, well assuming from the first look on Ryu vs Ken fight, it will definately be better than Mortal Kombat's Conquest series. Well what do you think?!


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